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FAQFor more detailed information, please refer to the Openbooth Guidebook.
Can I try it for free?
Yes, we have a free trial model for new users. With the pre-test event hall service provided by Openbooth, you can check you can check the actual product operation and various functions in advance.
How is the amount determined?
Charges are based on the size and activity of the event. For details, please contact our sales team.
What should I prepare before the event?
If you share the event plan, the manager in charge will suggest the composition and function of the event venue. We also share similar references to support smooth event preparation.
How is the process going?
First, prepare event materials and related contents and deliver them to the openbooth event manager
Second, After the manager in charge opens the venue, the final venue is constructed by reflecting the feedback.
Third, We will deliver traffic, networking data, etc. after the event ends.
Are there any benefits for non-profit organizations?
Yes, there is a special fee benefit for non-profit organizations. You can receive benefits after passing the non-profit organization certificate and upon final confirmation.