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Online events
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Create your memorable event brandingIn the planning hall, you can introduce events and visually express your brand
Open booths and link to eventsIn the exhibition hall, you can create an unlimited number of booths and use them as company introductions, product promotions, consultation booths, etc
Share your knowledge in webinarIn the webinar hall, you can present your webinar as a live or recorded video, and communicate in a realtime with the audiences
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RegistrationKeep in touch with visitors so that they do not forget the event through the registration information
NetworkingMessaging and video meeting scheduling for communication between participants
BoothBooth owners can engage with visitors in real time through showcase and networking features
ShowcaseVideo communication with all visitors in real time can be used as a promotion, recruitment, consultation, and meeting room
AnalyticsEnhance your event experiences with granular event attendee and activation data
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“Every participants satisfied”New event planning and colorful live sessions were carried out without any problems for 5 days with an unlimited venue setting. In addition, individual booths were provided to participating organizations for publicity, and higher satisfaction was obtained compared to the previous event.
Seoul NPO Center2021 NPO Partner Fair
“For participants from 13 countries”We were able to expand the previous event, which only used YouTube, into a single platform for people to communicate and exchange information, and it was not difficult to build a global event venue for participants from 13 countries.
Korea Tourism Organization2022 KOPIST Forum
“Creating events quickly”It was a platform with basic tools, so it was good to use it. And the event was organized quickly in a short period of time, and the manager in charge responded and took action quickly. We were also satisfied with the content created for the event.
Yonsei UniversityYonsei Major Fair
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Create spaces to meet and communicate with people anytime, anywhere